The 28th (2017-18) season is now under way. We are defending the Shuto League tittle. in November, annual Mac Cup against YC&AC, and few players challenge for select side for Shuto league representative team in December.

During the winter break, in previous seasons, Xmas social and skiing trip has been organised. (more training session maybe for this season.)

In Spring season, Meat Cup and the Tokyo Cup! Between our big games and the range of friendlies, there’s plenty of opportunity for game time regardless of experience or ability.

Check your emails early every week for game details, and make your availability known ASAP on TeamSnap. If you’re not on TeamSnap or the email list, but want to play with the Cru, hit ‘the ‘contact us’ button on the right-hand side of the page and we’ll set you up.

July 29thSatBeach RugbyHiratsukaKO 14.00LOST
Aug 19thSatBooze CruiseTokyo Bay19:00 ON BOARDFUN
Aug 26thSatSeason Kick Off BBQ at Tooley'sKO 15.00N/A
Aug 27thSunPracticeEdogawa UndojoKO 14.00GOOD
Sept 3thSunPracticeEdogawa UndojoKO 14.00GOOD
Sept 10thSunPracticeEdogawa UndojoKO 14.00GOOD
Sept 13rdWedPracticeF-sta IkebukuroKO 20.00GREAT
Sept 16thSatRugby Championship ViewingHobgoblin RoppongiKO 16.30N/A
Sept 17thSunShuto League Match #1 vs. Doctors RFCInagi Nagamine Sports Field 'G'KO 13.30W: 17-15
Sept 23SatHiking WeekendSouthern AlpsKO 06.00N/A
Oct 1stSunShuto League Match #2 vs. Nerima RFCInagi StadiumKO 14.30N/A
Oct 8thSunShuto League Match #3 vs. All JinJan RFCAkigase Koen Rugby GroundKO 15.30N/A
Oct 22ndSunProbably Shuto League Match #4 TBATBAN/A
Oct 29thSunProbably Shuto League Match #4 TBATBAN/A
Nov 25thSatMac Cup (vs. YCAC)Yokohama Country & Athletic ClubTBAN/A
Dec 1st weekSunNZ Ambassador's CupTBATBAN/A
Mid Dec.Xmas BushTBATBAN/A
Jan 2018Skiing TripTBATBAN/A
Feb 2018Spring Season Kick offTBATBAN/A
Late March 2018Meat CupTBATBAN/A
April - June 2018 Tokyo Cup TBATBAN/A
Early July 2018SatAnnual Award DinnerTBATBAN/A
Early July 2018SunShuto 10s TournamentTBATBAN/A
Mid July 2018WeekendSummer TourVietnam(?)TBAN/A