The Crusaders 29th (2018-19) season is starting soon.

We kick off the year with the Meat Cup – the Crusaders own invitational 10s tournament. This will be followed up by the Shuto league’s 10s tournament, which will officially mark the start of the Shuto League fall season.

The Shuto League title will run from August through to December, in November we have the annual MacFadyen Memorial Cup against Yokohama Country and Athletic Club, and later in the year some players will try-out for selection to play for the Shuto League’s representative team.

During the winter break, as in previous seasons, there will be the Christmas social and skiing trip. We will also have training sessions on free weekends.

In the spring season, the Tokyo Cup would be taking place. Our main focus will be to secure promotion to go back to Division I next year. Between our big games and a range of friendlies, there’s plenty of opportunity for game time regardless of experience or ability.

Please check your emails for game details, and make your availability known on TeamSnap. If you’re not yet on TeamSnap or the email list, but would like to play with the Crusaders, hit ‘the ‘contact us’ button on the right-hand side of the bottom of the page and we’ll set you up.

Aug 26thSunMeat CupFussa 10:00 K.O.1-1-1
Sep 2ndSunShuto 10sEdogawa Undojo08:00 am.QF
Sep 7thFriBooze CruiseTakeshiba Pier18:45 ON BOARDN/A
Sep 9thSunFriendly Match
vs. Japan Dental College
Higashi-Koganei14.00 K.O.L: 19-40
Sep 16thSunShuto League Match #1
vs. Swift RFC
Inagi Nagamine14.00 K.O.W: 26-7
Sep 23rdSunShuto League Match #2
vs. All JinJan
Mizunoto Sports Center Park12.50 K.O.W: 35-22
Sep 30thSunShuto League Match #3
vs. Doctors RFC
Mizunoto Sports Center Park12:40 K.O.Postponed for weather
Oct 7thSun BYE WEEK------N/A
Oct 14thSunFriendly Match
vs. Fuji Club
Edogawa Undojo14:00 K.O.L: 12-33
Oct 21stSunShuto League Match #4
vs. Nerima Club
Yanokuchi13:40 K.O.W: 62-0
Oct 28thSunShuto League Match #5
vs. Tokyo Gaijin
Inagi Nagamine15:00 K.O.L: 12-28
Nov 3rdSatBYE WEEK
Rugby Viewing / Drinking
Shibuya HUB14:30 K.O.N/A
Nov 11thSunShuto League Match #6
vs. Koryo RFC
Korea University14:30 K.O.L: 21-31
Nov 25thSunFriendly Match
vs. Setagaya RFC
Setagaya Kinuta Ground15:10 K.O.L: 0-69
Nov 25thSunShuto League Rep Team Trials #1Tatsuminomori Rugby Field12:00 K.O.N/A
Dec 1st SatGareth MacFadyen Cup
vs. YC&AC
Yokohama Country & Athletic Club14:30 K.O.N/A
Dec 1stSatTash Bash SocialHard Rock Cafe Sakuragicho19:30 K.O.N/A
Dec 2ndSunShuto League Rep Team Trials #2YanokuchiTBDN/A
Dec 9thSunNZ Ambassador's Cup
Shuto vs. Santama
Inagi StadiumTBDN/A
Dec 15thSatXmas BashTwo Dogs RoppongiTBD
Jan 13thSunShuto League Match #3
vs. Doctors RFC
Koryo University11:30 K.O.L: 38-50
Feb 17thSunFriendly Match vs. TentoumushiInagi Nagamine Ground14:00 K.O.
Feb 22-24WeekendCrusaders Ski TripHakubaTBDN/A
Mar 31stSunFriendly vs TBDTBATBD
Apr - JunSunTokyo CupTBDTBDN/A
Apr 27th
- May 5th
Golden Week Break
Early JulSatAnnual Awards DinnerTBDTBDN/A
Jul 13-16thWeekendSummer TourTBD-N/A