• Street Fighter Bash!

    Street Fighter Bash!

    SOCIAL EVENTS November 12, 2016 no comments

    by Reece Morgan On November 5th, the Crusaders found themselves with a rare free weekend. Nothing on the cards save for time spent with loved ones, volunteering at homeless shelters, and failing on Tinder, until someone had a realisation – […]

  • Braveheart Bash Review

    Braveheart Bash Review

    SOCIAL EVENTS August 9, 2016 no comments

    by Reece Morgan After countless days of searching second-hand shops, sex dungeons, the missus’s wardrobe, and that shop in Akihabara for tartan skirts, the Cru finally assembled at Tobitakyu station. Some were true Scotsman, with kilt and sporran; most were […]

  • Meat Cup Review and Thanks

    Meat Cup Review and Thanks

    Full report below from Reece. Gazing at the torrential rain through their windows, many strong Crusader hearts were shaken by Tooley’s email that Saturday morning: The Meat Cup is on. Nonetheless, with plenty of grumbling, groaning and early opening of […]

  • Crusaders Ski Trip – Report

    Crusaders Ski Trip – Report

    SOCIAL EVENTS February 9, 2016 no comments

    Ski trip write up by Rob Galbraith So, the 2016 Cru Ski Trip was planned to go a little more upmarket (on the transport…will come back to the accommodation later) and so we met at the Ueno Shinkansen gates…with the […]


    SOCIAL EVENTS November 30, 2015 no comments

    December 19th Pencil it in. More details coming soon!

  • PUB CRAWL, Friday 11th September

    PUB CRAWL, Friday 11th September

    SOCIAL EVENTS August 31, 2015 no comments

    G’day Guys, With the double-whammy aim of keeping a few of our sponsors happy and getting some recruiting posters up, we thought we’d organise a pit of a pub crawl around Roppongi on Friday, 11th September. Starting at 6:30pm in […]

  • 25th Season Celebration Weekend (Formal)

    25th Season Celebration Weekend (Formal)

    SOCIAL EVENTS May 14, 2015 no comments

    G’day, all members, Old Boys and anyone who has been connected with the team over the past 25 years. We will be having our 25th Season Celebration Weekend on the 6th and 7th of June 2015. On the Saturday, we […]

  • Braveheart Bash!

    Braveheart Bash!

    SOCIAL EVENTS April 21, 2015 no comments

    Prepare your large weapon, the Braveheart Bash is back! As can be seen, it will be a 7pm Kick Off on the 2nd of May in The Hangover, then off down to Geronimo’s to keep those sponsors happy, too. – […]

  • The Meat Cup

    The Meat Cup

    SOCIAL EVENTS March 16, 2015 no comments

    The Meat Cup, in association with The Meat Guy Venue: Yokota Air Base Whats there: BBQ! Rugby! Drinks! Family Friendly! Thanks to support from a number of fantastic businesses and friends of the club we have an exciting list of […]

  • Tokyo 7’s and Social Goings on

    Tokyo 7’s and Social Goings on

    SOCIAL EVENTS March 10, 2015 no comments

    Players, Members, Friends, Supporters and WAG’s, It is that time of year again where we try to show the Japanese that the 7’s is sod all to do with rugby and is actually a synonym for “All day drinking” or […]