by Escalator Puncher

It was sunny day as the pitch beckoned for the Crusaders versus Nerima fixture of fall 2018. With the sun glaring down and sweat glistening off faces, it was time to kickoff. The lineup was as follows:

1 King, Josh
2 Adachi, Yuuki
3 Mori, Hirokatsu
4 Cocks, Tom
5 Gibson, Sean
6 Sparrow, Matt
7 Galbraith, Rob
8 Gallagher, Brendan
9 Sugimoto, Yoriaki
10 Matsumoto, Suguru
11 Giri, Nabin
12 Choi, Jisup
13 Dixon, Aaron
14 Limin, David
15 Dixon, Travis
16 Arakawa, Tomohito
17 Hammen, Joel
18 Hazeras, Lucas
19 Honjo, Shota
20 Lindsey, Jonathan
21 Morris, Owen
22 Onuma, Takaaki
23 Pressdee-Rudd, Chris
24 Tapuvae, Robin

Things got underway well enough, as Sean Gibson screamed over the line for the opening try near the thirteenth minute. As if a seal were broken on a weekend bender, Jisup Choi and Rob Gailbrath scored back to back tries on kick returns sending the score line soaring. Nerima rallied in an attempt to stem the tide, but fell short as Brendan Gallagher crossed the whitewash near the sixteenth minute mark. Jisup added and exclamation point to the statement with a successful conversion. A final try by Travis Dixon closed out the half, sending the Cru to the bench in high spirits.

The lads switched to fully automatic as the second half kicked off. A hatrick by Jisup and quickie by Tomohito Arakawa put the lads on the front foot once again. Rob and Brandon found themselves scoring once again, as Owen Morris added the Emperor’s Mercy on a scoreline reading 62-0 against Nerima. The kicking duties has been split by Jisup, Suguru Matsumoto, and Yoriaki Sugimoto who each nailed positive ratios with their kicks. 3-2-1’s are as follows:

Gallagher, Brendan 5
Dixon, Travis 4
Matsumoto, Suguru 3
Tapuvae, Robin 2
Cocks, Tom 1



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