The Crusaders 30th (2019-20) anniversary season

We kicked off the year with multiple social events.

The Shuto League title run start from September. During the Rugby World Cup, we will have mix of Social and Friendly Matches. In December we have the annual MacFadyen Memorial Cup against Yokohama Country and Athletic Club and later in the year we have trials for the Shuto League’s representative team.

During the winter break, as in previous seasons, there will be a Christmas social and a ski trip. There will also be training sessions on free weekends.

In the spring season, the Tokyo Cup will take place. We will play in Division I again this year.
Between our big games and a range of friendlies, there’s plenty of opportunity for game time regardless of experience or ability.

Please check your emails for game details, and make your availability known on TeamSnap. If you’re not yet on TeamSnap or the email list, but would like to play with the Crusaders, hit ‘the ‘contact us’ button on the right-hand side of the bottom of the page and we’ll set you up.