Long-standing Tokyo Crusaders sponsor Synergy Center is transitioning to Kinetikos Lab. We are very happy to announce that they will continue sponsoring the Crusaders in 2017. Here’s the lowdown:

What is Kinetikos, and what’s behind the change?
Kinetikos is Greek and essentially means “movement”. Movement is the root and common thread through all manner of training and rehabilitation processes. We set up an educational website a few years back called Kinetikos dedicated to helping all Japanese movement professionals (coaches, therapists, doctors, etc.) stay abreast with what is happening internationally and widen their knowledge base.

Things started getting a bit confusing for people with 2 names (Synergy Center & Kinetikos), so it made sense to streamline into one. Thus, we came up with Kinetikos Lab for our facility. It can serve as a physical educational space for the website, as well as be a location where we are still working with clients and athletes.

What is interesting for the Tokyo Crusaders and Kinetikos in 2017?
With the revamped space we are going to be evolving our service offerings. There will be more group training sessions offered during the week and they will be run in a more systematic fashion with methods to monitor progress better. Overall, things will be even more comprehensive and we are developing ways for Cru members to benefit from training guidance even if they are unable to come to the Lab regularly.

Also, we have an entirely new modality of stretch therapy for post match recovery and regeneration.

These things will be finalized in February and March, as most of the Lab team will be away in January for anatomy training in the US. Stay tuned for updates.

Kinetikos Lab is a multidisciplinary facility for human performance. They have a solid team of coaches and manual therapists and are comfortable working the spectrum from post rehab/injury prevention to higher end athletic performance. The team has worked with individuals whose livelihood depends on their body (professional athletes, celebrities, etc), most notably in Kashima Antlers and the Kamaishi Seawaves.





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