Main training; Thursdays – 19:15~20:45

15-18 years old*

*Age groups flexible. Players age 14 can join however may not be eligible to play fixtures.

The SQUIRES CLUB TEAM has been established to provide opportunities for high schoolers to enjoy participating in rugby in English. There is a weekly main training session and occasional other training opportunities. We took part in our first practice matches in September and October 2017.

From September 2018 the team will participate in the new Kanto International Development League.

In Japan, once kids get to high school age, they typically either play rugby for their school team or have no opportunity to play. There are “Rugby Schools” which operate for Elementary and Junior High School kids, but at Japanese High schools, in the “Bukatsu” system, typically students choose an after-school activity or club and all their free time goes into that. Sports clubs often practice five or six days a week, after school, on weekends and sometimes even before school.

SQUIRES understands the expectation from those who have been involved in youth rugby in other parts of the world for shorter practices, less time spent on each activity and more flexibility in allowing teenagers to combine multiple activities.

The SQUIRES CLUB TEAM is a team which high school age boys who are members of any school can join and it is run in English. Girls are welcome to join and attend training sessions but it is not possible for girls to play alongside boys at this age level. We will do our best to find playing options for girls who are seeking them.

2018 ‘Autumn Season’ Dates:
Please note: This is a provisional schedule and is subject to change.

Aug. 28th (Tues) – Extra Training Session (18:00~19:00)
Aug. 30th (Thurs) – Main Training 1
Sept. 6th (Thurs) – Main Training 2
Sept. 13th (Thurs) – Main Training 3
Sept. 15th (Sat) – MATCH
Sept 20th (Thurs) – Main Training 4
Sept. 22nd (Sat) – MATCH
Sept 27th (Thurs) – Main Training 5
Sept. 29th (Sat) – MATCH (for those age 15 & under)
Oct. 4th (Thurs) – Main Training 6
Oct. 11th (Thurs) – Main Training 7
Oct. 18th (Thurs) – Main Training 8
Oct. 20th (Sat) – MATCH
Oct. 25th (Thurs) – Main Training 9
Nov. 1st (Thurs) – Main Training 10
Nov. 3rd (Sat) – MATCH
Nov. 8th (Thurs) – Main Training 11
Nov. 10th (Sat) – MATCH
Nov. 15th (Thurs) – Main Training 12
Nov. 17th (Sat) – MATCH

Additional training and playing opportunities will be available as we arrange them. As far as possible this will be done at no extra charge to the season fees.

2019 ‘Winter Season’ (December – March) Dates: TBD


The cost of attending the 2018 ‘Autumn Season’ is ¥18,000
(includes 12 ‘Main Training’ sessions, additional training sessions, matches and sports insurance cover).

For those joining for the first time this season, formal enrolment may be after participation in a trial class (trial class participation is limited to 1 class per person).

Regretfully we can not refund the cost of an individual class if absent due to personal reasons etc.

If you join later during the season, the season fee will be adjusted to the number of weeks remaining.

Venue – Peverley Place

This is an outdoor sports complex owned by Saint Maur International School, a short walk from the main campus of both Saint Maur and the Yokohama International School.

It can be found by searching for Yamate Orient Football Club and Academy on Google Maps.

The nearest train station is Motomachi-Chukagai (12 min walk).

Street View of Peverley Place entrance

Peverley Place from above
Peverly Place from Above


3 Chome-84 Chiyozakichō

Naka-ku, Yokohama

Can I play full contact rugby with SQUIRES Club Team?

Yes! In training contact and tackle skills will be covered, but the practice sessions in this class are modified to reduce risk of injury as far as possible. Games within the class will predominantly be variations of touch rugby. Matches will be full contact, as long as we know all players have received the instruction necessary to participate safely.

Is Peverley Place a rugby pitch?

No. Peverley Place is an outdoor sports facility, primarily for Futsal (5-a-side soccer). This is sufficient for rugby skills training and small-sided practice games. The surface is artificial, meaning it’s reliable and classes do not have to be cancelled in wet weather. There are floodlights enabling use after dark.


SQUIRES ACADEMY and SQUIRES CLUB TEAM are run by native English-speaking coach Roy Yorke. Roy has worked with Rugby Park Japan (which established the very first Japanese style “Academy” in 2010) for 4 years, coaches at a number of International schools and is qualified as a Level 2 coach by both the RFU (England) and the ARU (Australia).

Rugby x English

This is an opportunity to train for rugby with native English-speakers. Japanese players who want to practice their English skills within their favourite sport are welcome.


A free trial session can be attended before registering. To arrange this please email and let us know the following:

    – Name of participant
    – Date of Birth
    – Level of rugby experience
    – Emergency telephone number
    – Name of parent
    – Preferred contact email address
    – Date of attendance for trial class
    – Any special notes


We are seeking sponsors to support development of our youth rugby program. Please contact


We are seeking volunteers to support development of our youth rugby program, particularly in a Team Manager / Fixture Secretary-type role. This will ideally be someone with both English and Japanese language skills, and some knowledge of the Japanese youth rugby environment. Please contact

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