On July 8th, the Cru dressed in their finest and enjoyed a fabulous dinner to round off the season. This year, six awards and one bonus were handed out to a lucky few: congratulations to all. Player of the Year (by Opposition MVPs): Matthew Foster Foster’s ‘human bowling’ approach to attacking play earned him the most MVP games as chosen by the opposition, and half of the Player of the Year title. 1501129494726 Player of the Year (by Crusader MVPs): Reece Morgan Reece’s adaptability and work rate led to the most MVP games as chosen by the Crusaders, along with his half of the Player of the Year mantle. 19875366_1789078277787437_5775002386568568263_n Ironman: Matthew Sparrow Racking up over 1500 minutes on the pitch and countless more lost in the Roppongi jungle, Matt Sparrow picks up the Ironman trophy. 19894855_1789078251120773_17639177928738365_n Clubman of the Year: Sean Gibson Gibbo’s commitment to sideline management, high fashion and chu-hai-ing his mates saw the Cru’s 20-year veteran stride to the Clubman award. 19958933_1789080181120580_3648875528824287722_n Most Improved: Corey Carter Taking everything on the chin – quite literally – Corey’s progress on the pitch earned him the title of Most Improved. 19884347_1789078391120759_3550002251734839505_n Captain’s Award: Gen Hirano Gen’s brilliant promo posters and videos always drummed up anticipation, and in lieu of a National Geographic photography prize, he takes home this year’s Captain’s Award. 19894692_1789079824453949_6367874994808701285_n (Buffalo!) Long Service Award: Stewart Henwood, Sean Gibson, Andy Howard, Frank Saffery, Travis Dixon, Ev Hitchman and Gen Hirano Proudly wearing the Cru badge for several seasons, these stalwarts were the lucky recipients of the inaugural Cru caps. 20031927_1789079794453952_5778957586025152909_n

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