The Cru faced off against All Jinjan RFC and were looking for revenge after being knocked out of the 1st Division of the Tokyo Cup last season by AJJ. They also had an added reason for a big showing, with the winner likely to advance to the 2017 Shuto League Playoffs as part of the Top 4. The lads made no mistake with a great all-round effort to come away 55-7 winners and see Tokyo Crusaders Rugby Club take their place in the second round of the finals and a chance to become Shuto League Champions once again! It was a glorious day for rugby on what seemed like the planes of Mordor, support came out for the cru which was much appreciated. From the get go the crusaders drew swords and went hell for leather on this unsuspecting All Jinjan outfit. Thanks to some quick line breaks and some handy work from the backs we saw the captain Brett lead the charge with a well deserved early try, which got the ball rolling for the cru. From there on out we saw a flurry of tries from some well drilled backs, Tim and Dom to lead us to the half time 29-0 unfazed by AJJ, . The second half was underway and the cru didn’t hold up on some qick paced play this time it was the forwards to steal the glory with a couple well worked scores from Eric and Andy. As the momentum gained to did the pass play unfortunately for 10 Tim a ball rocketed towards his head and ricochet of the surface off of his dome. It seemed the cru might be getting a bit excited and we were caught with a couple controversial decisions as number 8 Tom Cocks was, ‘held up’ over the line, non the less we still decided to play a creative gaem with 10 Tim playing some lovely kicks which most likely would have converted to points if a sparrow had eaten ALL his weetabix. In the final seconds cru finally let their guard down and took a point from the AJJ side which showed true heart all the way to the end of the match. Congratulations to the new players Andy, David, Yuji, Quinten and Issao it was great to see you guys comeout and cause havoc. Also congratulations to the 12345s Brett, Tim, Owen, Isao and Cocksy!!!

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