As the clock stroke beer o’clock the Crusaders appeared, of course not just for the open bar…but to gather with their ladies and to laugh and reminisce the season we’d just finished. Below you’ll find our Award Winners of those so dedicated to out Team that make this Club a family. Player of the Year (by Overall MVP): Brett “Bread” Pentland-Smith Brett took on the title of Captain by leading the team through a vigorous season. After a nose job or two he easily walked away with MVP. Supporter of the Year (by Winning our Hearts): Elizabeth “Libby” Grewe While “Her Always” was winning our votes on the pitch, Libby was scaring our opposition by being the loudest on the pitch, she can be found at any event our Captain participates…but only if she gives him her blessing. We love you Libby Thank you for all of your support! Ironman: Sean “Gibbo” Gibson It’s easy to prove The Crusaders are your life when you don’t have one, this wasn’t just the case for Ironman Gladiator and Hub Dweller Gibbo, his dedication to calling you on weeknights by simply saying “Buffalo!” and hanging up proves Cru’ members never die…We’re just hungover. Clubman of the Year: Corey “Goggles” Carter Corey’s dedication to the team seemed kind of stalkerish at first, even after he got his eyes fixed he was still at every game in his 1’s…which earned him the title of Franchise Owner. He quickly realized that he could no longer stand by on the sidelines and acquired his superhuman goggles, which helped him see through windows and earn the love of us all by being presented with Clubman of the Year. Most Improved: Takaaki “Taco” Ohnuma Takaaki’s dedication to improve himself made him an easy selection for the Most Improved Player. I will also state that Takaaki vowed, I will score a try next season Lets hold him to this promise otherwise someone will be fined for lying. Captain’s Award: Matt “Bad Foster” Sparrow Matt’s dedication to lead this team as it’s coach in practices and warm-ups was an amazing feat. The way he would open his gate easily made us open our hearts. Captain Brett couldn’t see anyone else who deserved this brilliant award. Best Newcomer: Dominic Sumner From behind the counter at Geronimo’s to on the pitch just hours later. Dom’s dedication and fragrant smells of Roppongi won our votes with his amazing skills, that we could only hope to aspire to one day. *Hint* He’s not the lady…that’s Veena. Long Service Award: Thomas “Not my Captain” Cocks Proudly wearing the Cru badge for several seasons, after being knocked into multiple concussions he was surprised at the fact he got a free cap. Thanks for your dedication Tom. Best Humor: Owen “Manicure” Morris Proudly sporting the kilt…with nothing underneath, our Team Manager last year proved laughter is the best medicine, his quick wit and delicate fingers helped him climb to the top of the charts…but he was in charge of voting…maybe it’s been rigged. Worst Humor: Joel Hammen Owen had mistakenly mislead the crowd by pitting Corey and James Kimball in a dangerous DangerChop…in the end Kimball was smacked so hard that he forgot to say puns the rest of the night…maybe we should’ve started with this?? Joel took the stage as he knew he couldn’t make a joke with a better punch line than Helen Keller. Your 2018-2019 Crusaders Leadership: If you don’t know their names consider yourself lucky! WANTED “TRAVIS DIXON”: IF ANYONE HAS SEEN THIS MAN PLEASE CONTACT THE CRUSADERS IMMEDIATELY, HE WAS LAST SEEN IN THIS PHOTO CURRENT WHEREABOUTS ARE UNKNOWN.

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