Swift to Fight??? By. Corey Carter This Sunday in Inagi, The Tokyo Crusaders will be playing Swift in a 15’s game to set the record straight from the loss in the Tokyo Cup closing out the 2018 season. Last season, the Cru’ held strong during the entire first half even though they were down players. Captain Brett Pentland-Smith led an amazing team of players who were filled with heart and courage. Sadly, players were getting gassed while Swift was able to easily switch out players on the fly for new legs on the pitch. Well Brett and I decided to get reconstructive surgery on our faces, I’ve never been more proud of my team to hold on the way they did. Sunday, we will make up for that and hit them harder then we did. If you want to see amazing rematch between two teams fierce with competitiveness, kick off is at 14:00. Be there or forever miss out on the rematch that will set the tone of the Shuto League for the Crusaders in 2018.

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