by The Escalator Puncher We will never know if Pasela Resorts was ever truly ready for the chaos that would be wrought on June 22nd. Never the less, the Cru descended on Akihabara with poise and excitement. Many awards would be given, beers consumed, and of course shenanigans would take place. Things started off quaintly enough with introduction of various guests. Among the notables was Mr. Tamotsu Chiba, delegate from the Tokyo Cup Organizing Committee. With the usual formalities out of the way, Tom Cocks launched the evening into the first award and toast of the night. As awards progressed, so did the banter. Between Chris yelling from the back of the room and the translator scrambling to understand a double-decker-slobber-knocker, fun was being had. It seemed that every moment when either Tom Cocks or Sean Gibson stood up someone else was bolting a pint in the back of the room. This person may or may not have been wearing black and fully shaved haircut… The author shall digest and digress. Anyway, the evening marched on with awards and new traditions. Among these was the awarding of Cru patches, indicating who had played for the club for any number of seasons. Drinking ensued. Up next was the awarding of the newest but veteran team caps. As the final remarks were made, it seemed fitting that Tooley called up the Cru fight song. With a heave and a ho, the night closed on a wonderful toast as many a Cru Blazer, suit jacket, evening gown, and man thong were redonned as the partiers headed back out into the night. See y’all next year!

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