William Wallace - Tokyo Crusaders RFC As if we needed an excuse to party, Tokyo Crusaders staged a combined Birthday and Braveheart Bash on April 12 – much to the dismay of Shinjuku Kin-no-Kura staff. Having raided everything from the bar to deep fryer the party continued at a local Hub and went on into the wee hours with accents getting thicker by the beer. Ever the instigator, Frank came dressed in a tartan table cloth and a big red wig that drew unwanted come ons from nearsighted Hub patrons. We learned to our surprise that it’s against the law to have nipples showing in Shinjuku, or perhaps it had something to do with the law enforcer’s sense of aesthetics? It came as no surprise that “the tank’s” organisational skills left yours truly waiting around in a kilt for 30 minutes, raring to go as if being on the right side of a Mo scrum. With all available talent, surely Mel Gibson’s next movie must be scheduled to shoot in Japan?

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