We. Have. Won the league – say we have won the league! After a worrying start to the season, the Cru come roaring back to take Shuto League gold in a crushing 59-0 victory over Koryo. Last year, the Cru was extremely lucky to scrape third place in the Shuto League, and after losing to AllJinJan in the season opener, prospects looked even less favourable this time round. Nonetheless, the boys in blue hit their next games hard, with solid victories over Kichijoji Wild Turkey, Tokyo Doctors, and Olivers. Up next was the grudge match against the Gaijin, where the Cru broke their years-long slump to win 43-21. They had stormed the points table, finding themselves in second place with one game to play – against the top-ranked squad, Koryo. With Koryo four points ahead, the Cru required five points to be certain of toppling the titans. This meant that they not only had to win, but also get a bonus point (from scoring 4 tries total, winning by three tries, or holding Koryo to 0) and prevent Koryo from getting their own bonus points (by scoring 4 tries, or being within 7 points). After last year’s heavy loss, it’s fair to say that the Cru were a little uneasy. Still, the prospect of reclaiming the belt lit a fire under every player, and a huge squad descended onto the Tatsumi pitch ready to play. After an emphatic display of Crusader spirit, the whistle closed the game at 59-0 – all seven available points in Cru hands, leaving them untouchable as the 2016 Shuto League champions. We’d like to thank everyone who’s turned out to play and support in this first half of the season. We hope we’ve done you all proud. Bring on the Tokyo Cup! 15380373_1530320220329912_595416223414746900_n

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