Tokyo Crusaders RFC work out at the Synergy Center in Tokyo A group of Cru players took the opportunity to benefit from an exclusive mobility, strength and conditioning seminar provided by our sponsor SYNERGY Center on Saturday afternoon. SYNERGY Center co-owner Travis Johnson, who is also the strength and conditioning consultant for the Kamaishi Seawaves professional rugby club, provided a very engaging and informative two and a half hour session. Highlights included having front row seats for the Chairman Lim “Gun Show,” and both Benji and Sgt. Tooley stepping up to the challenge of the world’s most vomit inducing exercise bike! The information gathered is sure to help those who attended with their training and will in turn benefit the club on the field. Thanks Travis for welcoming us to SYNERGY Center and for being so generous with your time and knowledge. Whether you play rugby for Tokyo Crusaders or not, SYNERGY can help you feel, move and perform better – whatever your sport or physical condition. Find out about their wide range of services from their website. For all Crusaders players and fans, click on the link below and give Travis the thumbs up on Facebook! He is worth his weight in iron – the kind that builds muscle in the gym!

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