Cru link up with Koyama RFC to battle a YC&AC and Gents team On Saturday the 6th of December some members of the Tokyo Crusaders RFC went out to YC&AC to help our friends from the Koyama RFC in Tottori do battle against a mixed YC&AC and Gents team for their 10th annual friendly. Four Crusaders, Brandon (prop), Jordan Dill (centre) , Evan Hitchman (Fullback) and Gen Hirano (reserve loosehead for 2nd half) all helped out during the game. It was bit of a one-sided affair, but fun for all concerned. The Cru boys were instrumental in some Koyama points: Jordan Dill – an individual try, Brandon Fought – a never-give-up try (even though he was tackled 2m before the try line, he rolled and touched down over the line) As always, rugby was the winner, and we look forward to linking up with the Koyama boys again next year.

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