Merry Christmas with spiked eggnog! It is time once again to be festive, responsibly drunk, and merry. Have you ever wondered what the Cru’ does once the rugby has ended for the winter season? Well wonder no more, your knowledge of the Cru’ may come in handy as well. Hosted by Owen Morris!!! December 15th 7 p.m. at our loyal sponsor Two Dogs in Roppongi (The city of broken dreams and lost phones). We will be organizing teams of 4-6 people to battle wits of Cru’ history and whatever else Owen thinks up. Should we really dwell this much into Gibbo’s past? Or will this mentally hinder us forever? Who knows there will be Christmas stuff going on. Bring a team of 4-6 people to put your brain to the test. Or just drink and make noises that hinder everyone else. Every team needs to pay up 5K Yen total for each. Although you could get your money back and walk away with more than you bargain for… We wish you a Merry Christmas or whatever you decide to celebrate in lieu of this amazing day. When you wake up on Christmas morning don’t be the guy or girl who’s wishing he went to this event…but if you wanna be a loser then go drink by yourself while we have fun and laugh at your depressing life… Merry Christmas – -Corey

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