to all the Cru players who participated in the Shuto League Representative Team Trials out at Yanokuchi Ground last Sunday (the 7th). The selections have been made and all Cru trialists scored a place in one of 2 teams; the senior team was finalised last week. The Cru cleans out at the Shuto Trials

A Team

Roy McGrath, Alex Howard, Rob Galbraith, Patrick Wheen, Travis Dixon, Dominique Adams, Gen Hirano, and Macer Allen.

B Team

Jason Gall, Philippe Buzon, and Pierre Sims.

Senior Team

Seth Robson, and Stewart Henwood. The 3 matches against Sanatama League for the New Zealand Ambassador’s Cup will be held Sunday the 14th December at Inagi Stadium. If you’re in town, come along and join the rest of the team in the stands.

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