Match details for the Goddamns RFC game :

First half Second half
Prop Paul Ralph/Pat Wheen Pat Wheen/Marc Sherratt
Hooker Yuuki Adano Yuuki Adano/Ryuji Matsuzawa
Prop Kiyoshi Hamazumi Kiyoshi Hamazumi/Yutaka Yazawa
Lock Frank Saffery/ Brendan Bolton Frank Saffery/Brendan Bolton
Lock Alex Diaz Alex Diaz
Blindside Sean Gibson Sean Gibson/Eric Wilkinson
Openside Evan Kerr Evan Kerr
No.8 Paul Skurr Paul Skurr
Halfback Takushi hayashi/ Naoki Kato Takushi Hayashi/ Naoki Kato
Firstfive Travis Dixon Travis Dixon/ Takushi Hayashi/Travis Dixon
Secondfive Seth Robson Seth Robson/Takushi Hayashi
Centre Kyle Cotton Kyle Cotton
Wing Hiro Soga Brett Wallbutton
Wing Chris Eckstrom Chris Eckstrom
Fullback Roy Yorke Roy Yorke

Aiko Watanabe

OB, David Meisenzahl, sent 2 birds
Andy Howard, Gareth Lim, Dylan Lee and Jonas Hult also came out.
Stewart Henwood was also there. :)

Game :
14:34 Kickoff
14:34 Try (Roy) Conv. (Travis) O
14:38 Try (opp) Conv. O
14:43 Try (Kyle) Conv. (Travis) O
14:47 Try (opp) Conv. O
14:54 Try (Roy) Conv. (Travis) O
15:02 Try (Paul S) Conv. (Travis) O
15:04 End
Half time Score : 28 – 14

15:15 2nd half kickoff
15:18 Try (Frank) Conv. (Travis) O
15:21 Try (Yuuki) Conv. (Travis) O
15:23 Try (Travis) Conv. (Travis) O
15:25 Try (Kyle) Conv. (Travis) O
15:27 Try (Chris) Conv. (Paul S) O
15:35 Try (opp) Conv. O
15:43 Try (Roy) Conv. (Travis) O
15:46 Try (opp) Conv. X
15:48 Try (Roy) Conv. O
15:50 Full Time
Final score : 77 – 26

Our linesman was Andy Howard
The aftermatch function was held in the Warawara Izakaya near the station for about 3 hours ( 19 were present ) and then we ended up at the stand-up beer-bar around the corner.

Possible points of mention…
Even when David is not there, he still manages to send along a couple of birds.
We scored 11 tries
Naoki Kato played his first game for the Cru.
Our scrums were awesome!… took several tightheads.
Yorkie scored 4 tries, Kyle a double.

Opp. team’s man of the match was Travis Dixon
Our 1,2,3s : Roy 3 points, Travis 2 points, Kyle 1 points



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