Match details for the Kurumi RFC game :

First halfSecond half
PropYutaka Yazawa/Gen HiranoGen Hirano/ Kiyoshi Hamazumi
HookerRyuji MatsuzawaRyuji Matsuzawa
PropMarc SherrattMarc Sherratt
LockFrank SafferyFrank Saffery
LockSean Gibson Sean Gibson
BlindsideStewart Henwood Stewart henwood/Eric Wilkinson/ Gen Hirano
OpensideEvan KerrEvan Kerr
No.8Kiyoshi HamazumiKiyoshi Hamazumi/ Stewart Henwood
HalfbackEvan HitchmanEvan Hitchman
FirstfiveTravis DixonTravis Dixon/ Takushi Hayashi
SecondfiveTakushi HayashiTakushi Hayashi/ Seth Robson
CentreSeth RobsonSeth Robson/ Takushi Hayashi
WingJoel Hammen/Gen Hirano/ Eric WilkinsonEric Wilkinson/Joel Hammen
WingChris EckstromChris Eckstrom
FullbackHiro SogaHiro Soga
Aiko Watanabe

Andy Howard, Wyn Hughes were coming off injury and didn’t get on the pitch. OB David Meisenzahl came out and brought 3 birds. Joel also brought 2 birds. Cristina also came with a friend. 14:39 Kickoff 14:43 Try to opp. Conv. X 14:54 Try (Travis) Conv. X 14:57 Try to opp. Conv. X 15:10 Try (Sean) Conv. X 15:20 Try (Chris) Conv. (Evan) End Half time Score : 17 -10 Second half kickoff 15:29 Try (Chris) Conv. X 15:35 Try (Sean) Conv. X 15:42 Try to opp. Conv. X 15:?? Try (Chris) Conv. X 15:49 Try (Travis) Conv. (Evan) 15:53 Try (Evan) Conv. (Evan) 16:00 Try to opp. Conv. X End Final score : 46 – 10 Our linesman was Andy Howard The aftermatch function was held in the Warawara Izakaya; 7 players, 1 OB, and 7 ladies were present. Then some went around the corner to the Chinese standing bar….. Possible points of mention… Chris scored a hatrick on debut! Travis and Sean both scored doubles. A gaggle of female supporters… Yutaka left the field with a gash above the eye. Tooley picked up too many penalties…..timing is wrong, or was just being watched! 321s were : 3 points – Chris E, 2 points – Travis D, 1 point – Frank S

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