The 26th (2015-16) season is in full swing. We have a lot of big games this year. We didn’t play well enough in a couple of key games last year to win the Shuto League, so let’s make sure that everyone is fully committed to those big games listed below. The Friendly games are a great way to stay in shape, hone your skills and for the guys new to rugby, get some experience under your belt. Check your emails early every week for game details and make your availability known ASAP on Team Snap. If you are not on Team Snap or the email list and you want to have a game for the Cru, please hit the contact us button on the bottom right of this page and we’ll get back to you. Updates to the table: (Where available) the Place column will contain a map link to the ground.
Aug 23rdSunFirst Training RunEdogawa Undojo15:00-16:30N/A
Aug 30th SunSecond Training RunEdogawa - Undojo15:00-16:30N/A
Sept 06thSunShuto HUB Cup 10sEdogawa Undojo08:30-17:00Lost in Knock-Out
Sept 13thSunFriendly vs TBAEdogawa Undojo14:30 KOCancelled (Rain)
Sept 20thSun1st Shuto League Game vs. Koryo RFC Nakamine Ground15:00KOL: 12 - 39
Sept 27thSunShuto League Friendly Game vs. Shinjuku Jack RFCTatsumi13:00 KOW: 52-15
Oct 04th SunFriendly vs. DasewaArakwa Undo Koen, Toda-Koen Station (Saikyo Line)11:00D: 31 - 31
Oct 11th SunFriendly vs. Roughnecks RFC (US Navy Team) Edogawa Undojo14:30CANCELLED - RAIN
Oct 18th Sun2nd Shuto League Game vs. AllJinjan RFCOmiya Kempo14:00W: 26 - 19
Oct 25thSun3th Shuto League Game vs Olivers RFCYanokuchi12:20KOW: 67 - 14
Oct 31st SatFriendly vs. Okinawa Beach Boys RFC Edogawa Undojo12:30KOL: 20 - 22
Nov 08thSun4th Shuto League Game vs. Tokyo Gaijin RFCInagi13:30 KOL: 0 - 17
Nov 15th Sun5th Shuto League Game vs. Shinjuku Jack RFCKatsushika13:00D 31-31
Nov 22nd SunPracticeEdogawa Undojo14:30N\A
Nov 28th SatMacFadyen Cup vs YC & ACYC&AC RFC13:30W39-28
Nov 29th SunShuto League Rep Team TrialsTatsumi GroundTBAN\A
Dec 06th SunShuto League Rep Team TrialsYanokuchi GroundTBAN/A
Dec 13th SunNZ Ambassador's Cup (Shuto League Rep Team)Inagi Sports Stadium 13:00?
Mid Dec to Feb 1st - Winter Break
January 29 - 31Fri - SunSki Trip@ Hakuba
January 16th SatFirst Synergy Workout Session@ Synergy Centre; Shirokanedai, Minatoku10:00
7th FebruarySunFriendly vs. Ichikawa Rush@ Kounodai14:00KOL: 12 - 38
14th FebruarySunPractice@ Edogawa Undojo13:00N/A
21st FebruarySunFriendly vs. Tokyo Doctors@ Sankei Sports Centre (Misato Chuo)KO 13:00W: 39 - 24
28th FebruarySunFriendly vs. Setagaya RFC@ Futakotamagawa river side Kinuta ground (Futakotamagawa)KO 14:25W: 69 - 20
6th MarchSunFriendly vs. Urayasu Beers@ Maihama Rikujou Kyougijou10:45KOL: 19 - 64
13th MarchSunFriendly vs. Friendly vs Toda Over the Top@ Yakult Toda Sougou GroundKO 12:45W: 29 - 10
19th MarchMeat Cup - 10s Tourney10s Tourney: NTT Hibiya, All France, JSDF, Otowa RFC@ AkigaseAll Day Tournament. KO 12:45pmCrusaders Won the Tournament
27th MarchSunFriendly vs Matsudo RFC@ Sankei Sports CentreKO 11:00L: 12 - 39
10th AprilSunAcorn 10s Tournament@ Soka Daigaku KO 12:004th Place
17th AprilSunvs. NS Ruggers (Tokyo Cup) @ Kanamachi (We are "Away" team)KO 10:30W 64 - 0
23rd AprilSatAttend Sunwolves Game@Chichibunomiya Stadium, v JaguaresKO 14:15Sunwolves won!
24th AprilSunvs Kawagoe Fighters@ Tokyo Kokusai Daigaku Ground.KO 13:00Cancelled
01st MaySunvs. Mitaka JPL RFC (Tokyo Cup)@ Rinkai Kyugijo Ground B ("Away")KO 13:00W 66 - 24
08th MaySunvs. All FranceEdogawa UndojoKO 17:00W 50 - 22
14th MaySatvs. Fevers@ Mitaka OsawaKO 13:45W 70 - 10
15th MaySunvs. Tokyo Bay RFC@ Edogawa, KanamachiKO 10:00L 19-39
22nd MaySunPractice@ Edogawa UndojoKO 13:00N/A
28th MaySatAnnual AGM@ Hangover Bar18:00
12th JuneSunvs. AllJinjan RFC (Tokyo Cup)@ Misato (We are "Home" team)KO 14:00W 48 - 31
19th JuneSunvs. Kichijoji Wild Turkey RFC@Musashino Rikujo KyogijoKO 11.50W 36 - 33
26th JuneSatBraveheart Bash w/ International RugbyHobgoblin, Geronimos, etc...KO 17:00
3rd JulySunShuto HUB 10sEdogawa Undojo08:30-17:00KOd in quarter-final
9th JulySatCrusaders Formal Dinner and Awards NightManGetsuRo Restaurant @ ShinjukuDrinks from 19.00, KO 19.30
15-18th JulyFri - MonTokseo Cup (Seoul Tour)IncheonRunner-up