The 27th (2016-17) season is now under way. We’ve already won the Shuto League; up next, the Champions Cup, Meat Cup and the Tokyo Cup! Between our big games and the range of friendlies, there’s plenty of opportunity for game time regardless of experience or ability. Check your emails early every week for game details, and make your availability known ASAP on TeamSnap. If you’re not on TeamSnap or the email list, but want to play with the Cru, hit ‘the ‘contact us’ button on the right-hand side of the page and we’ll set you up.
July 30thSatBeach RugbyHiratsukaKO 08.00KOd
August 6thSatZushi Beach DayZushi Seaman RestaurantDrinks from 12.00N/A
August 19thFriYukata Booze CruiseTokyo BayKO 19.00N/A
Aug 21stSunPracticeEdogawa UndojoKO 15.00N/A
Aug 28thSunPracticeEdogawa UndojoKO 14.00N/A
Sept 4thSunPracticeEdogawa UndojoKO 14.00N/A
Sept 11thSun1st Shuto League Game vs. AllJinJan RFCKatsushika Niijuku Mirai KoenKO 14.00L: 17-31
Sept 18thSunvs. Dasewa RFCArakawa Undo KoenKO 11.00W: 21-0
Sept 25thSun2nd Shuto League Game vs. Kichijoji Wild Turkey RFCTatsumi GroundKO 11.15W: 45-19
Oct 2ndSun3rd Shuto League Game vs. Tokyo DoctorsAkigase Koen Rugby GroundKO 12.30W: 45-5
Oct 9thSun4th Shuto League Game vs. Koryo RFCAkigase Koen Rugby GroundKO 13.00Postponed
Oct 16thSunvs. SanTama Rep TeamInagi Nagamine Sports Field 'G'KO 10.00W: 26-17
Oct 23rdSun 5th Shuto League Game vs. Olivers RFCKatsushika Sogo Sports GroundKO 15.20W: 68-5
Oct 30thSun6th Shuto League Game vs. Tokyo Gaijin RFCOmiya Kempo GroundKO 14.00W: 43-21
Nov 5thSatStreet Fighter BashChichibunomiya/ShibuyaKO 13.30N/A
Nov 13thSunvs. Komaba WatermelonMan RFCOmiya Kempo GroundKO 11.30L: 63-12
Nov 19thSunMac Cup (vs. YCAC)Yokohama Country & Athletic ClubKO 14.00L: 36-12
Nov 20thSunShuto League Rep Team TrialsInagi Nagamine Sports Field 'G'~12.30N/A
Nov 27thSunShuto League Rep Team TrialsTatsumi~12.30N/A
Dec 4thSunNZ Ambassador's CupInagi Nagamine Sports Field 'G'~12.30N/A
Dec 4thSunvs. Superman RFCEdogawa UndojoKO 11.00L: 26-7
Dec 11thSun4th Shuto League Game vs. Koryo RFCTatsumi GroundKO 14.20W: 59-0 Shuto League Champions!
Dec 17thSatChristmas BashFrom Nakano-Sakaue to RoppongiKO 16.00N/A
Jan 8thSunNew Year Social (Top League Double Header)ChichibunomiyaKO 11.30N/A
Jan 14thSatKinetikos Gym SessionKinetikos Lab14.00N/A
Jan 22nd SunPracticeEdogawa UndojoKO 14.00N/A
Jan 29thSunvs. All France RFCOmiya Kempo GroundKO 12.15L: 32-22
Feb 5thSunPracticeEdogawa 'Dust Bowl'KO 12.00N/A
Feb 12thSunvs. PSIEdogawa Third GroundKO 12.00L: 64-22
Feb 19thSun1st Champions' Cup Game vs. Blackeyes RFCInagi Nagamine Sports Field 'G'KO 14.00W: 40-26
Feb 26thSun2nd Champions' Cup Game vs. Nerima RFCEdogawa Third GroundKO 11.00W: 53-31
Mar 5thSunFriendly vs. Otawa RFC and Fuji ClubOmiya Kempo GroundKO 10.30L: 14-10; W: 12-5
Mar 12thSunPractice w/ Toda Over the TopOmiya KempoKO 11.30N/A
Mar 19thSunChampions' Cup FinalEdogawa StadiumKO 14.00L: 26-22
Mar 26thSunThe Meat CupAkigase Koen Rugby GroundKO 12.45W: BBQ & Beer!
April 1stSatHanami & Shuto Trophy CeremonyYoyogi Park/Roppongi HobgoblinKO 11.00Carnage
April 2ndSunvs. Matsudo RFCSenshu University Matsudo High SchoolKO 13.00L: 31-7
April 9thSunPracticeEdogawa UndojoKO 13.00Cancelled
April 16thSun1st Tokyo Cup Game vs. Dasewa RFCMisato Sankei GroundKO 11.00L: 56-26
April 23rdSunvs. Acorns RFCSoka Daigaku Victory GroundKO 11.00L: 57-0
April 30thSun2nd Tokyo Cup Game vs. Superman RFCRinkai Kyogijo 'A'KO 11.30L: Blowout
May 14thSunTokyo Cup Collaboration DayMusashino Rikujo KyogijoStart at 10.00N/A
May 28thSun3rd Tokyo Cup Game vs. Yellowbacks RFCRinkai Kyogijo 'A'KO 14.40W: 55-36
June 3rdSatCru AGMThe HangoverKO 19.00N/A
June 18thSunPracticeEdogawa UndojoKO 13.00N/A
June 23rdFriOld Boy's SocialTBATBAN/A
June 25thSunTokyo Cup Promo Game vs. AllJinJan RFCMisato Sankei Sports GroundKO 11.00L: 33-24
July 2ndSunShuto HUB 10sEdogawa UndojoKO 09.00KOd
July 8thSatAnnual DinnerNogikaikan19.30 (Drinks from 19.00)N/A
July 14th-17thFri - MonTaipei TourTaipeiTBAL: 29-19