By Arsenio Spann

Coming from a two-game losing streak, the treacherous Crusaders were out for vengeance on this fine sunny skied clear morning. There was no doubt that the minds of all whom were on the pitch and sidelines were uniquely attuned with nothing but victory on their minds. This day, team manager Sean Gibson with the support of lead experienced personnel Captain Reece Morgan, Dominic Sumner, and Nic Tanner posed vital intelligence for success. They assisted and ensured to strategically have in place the ideal plan for an early attack making a pulverizing statement to the brink of an exacerbating moral defeat.

Rallying the troops early, Team Head Matt Sparrow coming in as scrum-half, lets those with ears get a piece of his mind while Dominic directs the team’s specifically targeted warmup routines with precision and keen attention to the coach’s game plan guidance. There is a burning fire and energy in the air now. Team Oliver ready to give a big kick getting the game underway. Wing Nestor Gonzalez drives the ball up the throat giving us the momentum. The sack is steadily being moved by the forwards and now to the backs left side of the pitch to the centers for the show.

An amazing performance and dominance by the forwards set up a sizzling show of razzle-dazzle for the outside center Dominic. Surly center Tamiana Konrote answered the call with his stunning speed and scored the try overcoming one tackle and bulldozing several others. Tamiana goes on to score an additional two try’s throughout the game. Fly-half Sohei Okamoto gave an outstanding performance answering the call for striking pinpoint accuracy all day without hesitation to instill fear into the eyes of the offenders with his eight out of nine conversions made during the game.

Matt makes the next try just only eleven minutes after Tamiana while newcomer lock Ted Maanicus was making mountainous defensive stops and moving the ball up the pitch scoring a try. The Crusaders are sufficiently operating as a well-oiled machine sending home another try by number eight Arsenio Spann displaying the team’s hunger for more.

As if this wasn’t enough, the Olivers tried some stunts on kickoff to find a weakness in our stead. Lock Frank Saffery showed no mercy pulverizing the defenders with hulk-sized hands to faces driving them to the dirt. Making them think twice about coming up midfield testing our reins. Alertness and the Crusaders were now buzzing; remaining vigilant for the next attack. Motivating Fullback Tomohito Arakawa, captures the ball on kickoff blazing down half the field each time with wing Simon Newby clearing the channels for Loosehead Prop Shota Honjo to score two terrific try’s demonstrating spectacular offensive coordination.

Now the Olivers seem to be having a moment to re-think their tactic after the half. Immediately following multiple line-outs and two scrums, Dominic gets the rock after a solid push and shows the world with a try at the help of hooker Taichi Sakai, Tighthead Prop Hirokatsu Mori, and crushing openside flanker Sam Catling that he is more than just a soothing voice on a Sunday morning.

Captain Reece makes his last orders known and the Tokyo Crusaders respond appropriately with making the Olivers play “our game”. With twelve minutes left in the match, the Olivers managed to evade the old saying “skunk” or “mercy” rule scoring only two try’s with just minutes left in the match. A good fight was brought to the finish by the Olivers full of heart and not giving up. The game’s Most Valuable Player goes to newcomer Lock Ted Maanicus! The Crusaders accolades could not have been accomplished without the support of all of our players in attendance including all reserve players assisting in sideline duties. Thank you for supporting and taking the responsibility of the administrative work needed to complete this team. You are equally a critical role in our success and we take pleasure in thanking you water carriers, medical aids, flag holders, match record keeping, and camera crew!

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