By Frank Saffery What a nice afternoon for a jaunt out to the arse-end of nowhere to listen to the sweet humming of remote-control cars. But, the Cru turned up looking fresh, with the exception of Mr Kerr who turned up after a Roppongi session looking bedraggled. After some faffing getting a taxi or two, we sprang into action warming up and running lines and getting our lineout sorted. With the herculean lifts of Brendan and Jason powering Frank to such a height the local air traffic authorities were past warning, things looked good. The game kicked off to an unfortunate fumble, and consequently for the next twenty minutes we were on the back foot. However, the team pulled together and looked more like the All Blacks (under 12’s) in defence. Some dubious calls from the Ref (the poor bloke was on his second of back to back games) meant we had to pick up our discipline and stop getting too wound up when things didn’t go quite as we thought they would. For the next twenty minuets, the score went to and fro with both teams punishing each other in their chosen area. The Crusaders clattering the ball up, and the Oppo doing what the Japanese teams do best and sprinting in every direction with super glue on their hands. Dom did have chance to show us his impressive bursting speed with a quality try. (Carlin Isles watch your back!) After a half time pep talk, things started well with a gloriously set up try the first minute into the second half with Philippe going over after the forwards opened a gap like the parting of the red sea. The ever rock-steady boot of Evan slotting the conversion, keep an eye out for his new TV show starting next month – “The C Word”. Even after Dom ran faster than the wind the whole length of the pitch followed by a plodding Evan and Frank, it still wasn’t enough to stop a mistake and subsequent break away costing the Cru a try. However in reply to this, Pierre stepped up and decided to show us that his ballet lessons are paying off with an awesome run, twist, double tuck, shimmy and step to score a try in the corner. With another balls-up on behalf of the Cru letting in another silly try, Mr Skurr decided it was time to go beast mode. After collecting half of the Oppo players on his back, he smashed up the middle for a storming try just next to the posts; did somebody tell him there were chicken wings there? Finally, with the Ref forgetting the time and allowing an extra 5 ? minutes’ of play, (nobody knows, don’t ask) the opposition smashed up against the Cru defensive line again and again. A mixture of players clattering them backwards before finally a turnover was in sight. With 4 knackered forwards destroying the opposition rucking attempt the ball was ours, and Mr C word himself then planting the ball so far into the neighbouring bamboo forest even Rambo couldn’t find it. A mention to some subs that unfortunately didn’t make the field that day : Jonas Hult, Marc Sherrat and Roy Surita. Also one to our injured players who came for support : Sean Gibson, Tom Cocks, Eric Wilkinson and Pat “I like to wear a pink dead-lifting thong” Wheen.

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