By Jerry Sysourath Match Report Toda Over the Top Toda Over the Top 4 Toda Over the top 3 Toda Over the Top 2 Toda Over the Top 1 It was a nice breezy over-cast day for the match against TODA Over the Top. You could just tell rugby was in the air as the match would be part of a rugby festival with skill and age groups ranging from little kids all the way up to the bigger kids such as The Cru. Spirits were high in the first half as The Cru were playing into the wind. The Cru showed great discipline through executing pod work and continuing their weekly running support improvement. TODA​ had excellent back defensive work as they had the closing speed on the fringes and forced The Cru to use their interior size to break through the line. At the end of the first half TODA was surprised with the score being 22-5 in favor of The Cru as the pace of the game had felt closer. The defensive match-up with the backs continued on into the second half as both teams made their adjustments to gain an edge for victory. Both teams seemed to have opted for a defensive pace as only 1 try aside were scored ending the match 29-10 with The Cru coming out with the win. Two players made their debut today for The Cru, Tsukasa coming on as a wing and Kazushi at fullback who also scored a try. A few familiar faces returned to the line up. Tom Ball, whom was called up from the Philippines for an unrestricted single match contract, connected with Lawrence through excellent chemistry in the mid-field. Their was also a cameo appearance on the pitch by one of The Cru patriarchs, Travis D. with his Jedi like skills to gravitate the game around himself. The Man of the Match for The Cru went to Matt Foster. His efforts for the match are definitely something to write about. Each of his four tries amplified by the color commentators over the P.A. were a delight to witness. Poems and songs had to have been written about the beauty and grace of the big man charging down the pitch. But it wasnt all bout charging down the field. It had to have been his hair, feathered and lethal. Something you just dont see in the sports world anymore.

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