by Reece Morgan 12779217_1260508860644384_3700499924716078617_o 12778668_1260508260644444_5032111905818445274_o 12764509_1260509633977640_6052416450764639926_o Landing at Misato-chuo, many Crusaders could have been forgiven for feeling like they were in a dream. Thanks to the efforts of ‘Sonny’ Dill and the navy boys, the team sheet was overflowing with names – more than thirty blokes were there, boots in hand, keen to play for the badge. And what better day for the new boys to have their first game of rugby, when everyone on the opposite team is a medical professional? The Cru hit the ground running with early tries from John Akiba and Alex Herrera, but both had to be earned: the Doctors came flying from the gates, eager to beat the Cru’s pack, usually its strongest point. Still, the Cru’s no-nonsense, no-talent approach to pushing through the midfield paid off, only for some atrocious handling on the wing to then give the boys in black the perfect opportunity to swan-dive over the try line (cheers, Downer). Foster, annoyed by this intrusion, picked up two of his own in short succession, only to be answered by the Doctors once more. The half time whistle went, and the game changed completely when the teams retook the field. The forwards, knackered from their exertion in the first half, asked the backs to pick up the slack – and they answered the call. With Sparrow and Dill starting to marshal the game, the Cru found more ways through the Doctors’ defence, with new boy Cody headbutting his way under the goalposts. True to form, however, the backs then also let two tries in, before Jon Ball bunny-hopped through the defence and finished the game with one more try for the Cru, winning 39-34. After the game, the Doctors took the highly unorthodox step of joining the Cru for beer and food: unfortunately, Tooley’s excitement at seeing barmaids meant that he’d booked Saizeriya, for two stale pints and half a sausage each. Disgruntled at such treatment, the Cru then headed back to their home turf – the Matsudo ojisan bar – for fish ‘n’ chips and flagons of ale. MVP Points were as follows: 5 – Matt Foster 4 – Reece; John Akiba 3 – Cody 2 – Eric; Alex Herrera 1 – Matt Sparrow

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