by Matthew Foster With a later than usual kick-off, due to the venue being changed mid-week, you may have thought that our collective mojo could have been soured. That, however, was not the case: our mojo was sweet as ever. This was a must-win game for us if we still wanted a chance of earning a medal. We started off strong by attacking hard and fast, keeping the ball alive as much as possible. We did, though, lose possession after a strong start when Foster – undoubtedly the most handsome member of the Cru – threw an inch-perfect pass to the opposition. This blunder was quickly rectified by Gibbo, going in for a well-deserved try. This early try opened up the flood gates with Dylan, Foster, Seb, Yuki and Taku all scoring tries before the half was out. Olivers did, however, manage to get one try in before the half was out. The score at half time was 39-5. The second act continued the momentum built up in the first act, with Taku going in for his third try shortly after kick-off. Shortly after, Dylan followed suit and added another to his try tally. Not to be left out of the try-scoring fun, Kashi called upon the power of the gods with good hair to gain follically-induced powers to go in for one more. Not to be outdone, Dylan went in for two more tries before the final whistle, bringing his personal total up to four. However, the usually graceful Dylan was plagued by a sudden case of leg cramp, after being set up nicely by one particularly handsome forward. The final score was 68-5. Points of note included Frank getting smashed back 20 yards, but then going on to seek revenge in form of almost beheading someone with a handoff; our very own physical specimen of a winger failing to ‘colour within the lines’; Prof. Joe (having a great game as always) somehow not dropping the ball, even though it seemed to have a vendetta against him; Gen making a 50m break only to be held up on the line (to be fair to him he had just come from a long shift at work), and Ed Downer hitting a ruck. Post-match formalities were held in the Shin-Koiwa chippy. The opposition MVP was their number 10, Mr Itaru Konno. They voted their MVP as Mr Matthew Foster. We would also like to thank the referee, Mr Ono for his good work. 321s Dylan – 5 Joe – 4 Gibbo – 3 Foster – 2 Tavis – 1 14692157_1475096809185587_3463542423725737077_o 14883671_1475097162518885_7526071626279663862_o

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