The Cru’s very own tournament “The Meat Cup” is set to return very soon. The club are hoping to keep general costs for everyone attending as affordable as possible but generate some club revenue through a Prize Draw. For this to be as successful as possible we’d really appreciate it if everyone could try to hassle someone they know for a prize donation – could be a business owner looking for a little publicity (via the club website, Facebook page, possible e-program for the event etc), a kind individual wanting to support the club or whatever. As a guide, we’re thinking of something like ¥500 per ticket OR 5 for ¥2,000, so things people would be likely to part with ¥2,000 for a chance of winning. If you think you can help out with this please let me know on: as soon as possible. Cash donations would of course be extremely welcome! If anyone wants to donate cash, please contact the club treasurer on: We can then arrange bank transfer details for a named or anonymous donation. The amount will be made public, but names only if you want to. The event is pencilled in for Mid March, not far away!

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