Tokyo Crusaders Player Awards 2013 Tokyo Crusaders finished the 2012/-13 Season with a grand awards dinner at Nogi Kaikan on May 18, 2013. During the night, five players were recognised for their achievements throughout the season, and awarded an engraved beer mug with magical properties to refill. For those of you that want the long version, with poorly shot video, here is a link to the awards dinner on YouTube.
Travis Dixon - Player of the Year 2012/-13, Tokyo Crusaders

Player of the Year – Travis Dixon

Travis has been amazingly consistent throughout the season, terrorizing the opposition with his breakthrough runs. That he was also a contender for Cru Iron Man shows his dedication to the team and we can only hope he continues his new policy of not drinking during games.

  • Position: Fly-half
  • Points scored: 126
Alex Diaz, Iron Man Award, Tokyo Crusaders

Cru Iron Man – Alex Diaz

Alex showed an amazing ability to be there throughout the season. Fortunately for the CRU as he was a carrying member on and off the field. Unfortunately for the opposition as he improved his tackling and rucking to levels where it hurt also people who just watched.

  • Position: Lock
  • Weight: Light enough to be flung 3m in the air during lineouts.
Sean Whaley - Most improved player of the year, Tokyo Crusaders

Most Improved Player of the Year – Sean Whaley

Sean Whaley started playing rugby when he joined the US Navy (along with some other dubious habits picked up during the same period). He could not pass, he could not run, he could not tackle say those who witnessed his first effort on the field, but has evolved to one of the Cru’s best allround players with an almost eerie sense of position. Sean took the honors ahead of strong competition as many of his team mates have come leaps and bounds this year.

  • Position: Inside Center
  • Evolution: Ubiquitous
Sean Gibson - Captain's Award, Tokyo Crusaders

Captain’s Award – Sean Gibson

‘Gibbo’ has been with the team so long that few can remember a time when he wasn’t there. A versatile player who has covered almost every position at one point or another. During the 2012/-13 Season Sean turned back the clock and played some of the best rugby of his career.

  • Position: Flanker
  • Would be profession: Stand-in for Bruce Willis in Die Hard
Stewart Henwood - Clubman of the Year, Tokyo Crusaders

Club Man of the Year – Stewart Henwood

Although on the sidelines ‘Tooley’ has played a pivotal role for the team this season. His reinstatement of matches every weekend, proper post-game pissups and songs with dubious lyrics did wonders for team morale.

  • Position: Team Manager, Flanker
  • Occupation: Teacher, of anything… to anyone who will listen.

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