Who are we, who are we ? We’re the Crusaders R.F.C. ! We don’t kick, we don’t bite. We just play the game alriiiiiight! Want to learn more about the broken bodies and damaged livers that make up the Cru roster? These are the pages where you can find out who we really are. Take your pick from one of these headings:
Player Profiles
The finest bachelors in Tokyo lie just behind this door. Do you dare to step into the lion’s den?
Player of the Year
The Player of the Year award is given to the player who earns the most ‘3-2-1’ points, given to the top three players on the field each game. See who took last season by storm.
Cru Iron Man
The Iron Man competition runs throughout the season, awarding points for attendance to find the player most committed to the Crusaders. Who’s the most dedicated of them all?
Old Boys
Take a look at some noble souls from the past. If you need to get in touch with one of our club officers, please email the Team Manager using the box below.