Club President – Stewart Henwood

Head of the club and responsible for the overall management of its activities.

Aiko Watanabe - Tokyo Crusaders RFC

Shuto League Representative – Aiko Watanabe

Responsible for attending meetings and reporting all developments to the club chairman. Also attends all Shuto League matches of the club, and league events.

Tokyo Cup Officers – Stewart Henwood, Aiko Watanabe

Manage documentation and insurance for the Tokyo Cup, and attend all relevant meetings.

Gareth Lim - Tokyo Crusaders RFC

Sponsorship Secretary – Gareth Lim

Responsible for securing and managing sponsorship contracts.


Secretary, Treasurer – Rob Galbraith

Responsible for the club accounts. Also responsible for the management of the team e-mailing list, and responding to people who contact join@tokyocrusaders.com

Travis Johnson - Tokyo Crusaders RFC

Team Manager – Travis Dixon

Assisted by Sean Gibson.

Responsible for the management of the 15s team and its players.

Webmaster – Travis Dixon

Supported by the CRU Social Media team – Roy Yorke, Gen Hirano, Aiko Watanabe, Gaz Lim and Evan Hitchman In charge of running and updating the website.


Fixture Secretary – Yusei Shimoda

Arranges fixtures and liaises with other teams to secure grounds and referees.

Social Secretary – Gen Hirano, Tom Cocks and Neil Howard

Responsible for organising the aftermatch functions (local Izakaya) after each game, and team ‘Social Events’, including ‘Bashes’ and tours.


Safety/Medical Officer – Aiko Watanabe Assisted by Gen Hirano

Responsible for looking after the First-aid kit, and keeping it and the tape bag stocked; in charge of bottled water on game day. Ensures that a spare mouthguard is made available for each game. Also encouraged to study basic first aid and taping. Knows what action to take, or who to contact in the event of a serious on-field injury


Captain – Tom Cocks

Responsible for the conduct of the team on the pitch, and for making the necessary decisions during the game.

Vice Captains – Rob Galbraith and Travis Dixon

Responsible for supporting the role of Captain. Takes charge if the Captain leaves the field. Collects the ground fees and takes the 1,2,3 points.

Team Selection Committee

Team Manager Captain Vice Captain