Tokyo Crusaders Rugby Team The Cru Iron Man is an award given to the most committed player on the Crusader’s roster. It runs as a season-long competition, where players are awarded points for attendance: 1 point for a game, and 2 points for a practice or social. Often finding ways to improve Cru reputation and fashion. Current Team Manager: Sean “Gibbo” Gibson, knows all of the tricks of the trade to getting whatever you need. Kind of like Morgan Freeman in The Shawshank Redemption. Gibbo made it his life goal to appear at most, if not all of the events posted throughout the season for the Crusaders. We should hope to have more people like him in the future, He’s not the hero we need…he’s the hero we deserve! Previous Winners 2016-17 – Matthew Sparrow 2015-16 – Reece Morgan 2014-15 – Yusei Shimoda 2013-14 – Roy Yorke