After every game, Cru members award each other points for the best performances of the day: 3 for the top player, 2 for the next best thing, and 1 for a bloody good show. This year’s Player of the Year title is awarded to our Captain Ken Kurihara, earning Most Opposition MVPs and Most Crusader MVPs respectively. Not only did he offer great knowledge on and off the pitch, he continues to chase top honors in rugby across Japan.. Hailing from the African continent, Brett’s‘s dynamism in the 8 shirt earned him widespread recognition: receiving Most Opposition MVPs. Of course Brett is actually apart of a twosome; his wife Elizabeth or “Libby” can be heard at almost any game as our loudest and most loyal supporter. I’m sure no one would complain if we gave her the title of Mrs. Crusader. Past Winners: 2017-18 – Brett Prentland-Smith 2016-17 – Matthew Foster/Reece Morgan 2015-16 – Matthew Foster 2014-15 – Travis Dixon 2013-14 – Travis Dixon