A not so friendly friendly… The final friendly match of the season was unfortunately the same day as the Shuto League Trials. This did hinder us in experience in the field as we only had 4 experienced players turn up to the pitch while our newcomers took to the battle. Owen was supposed to run the clipboard, but more on that later. The whistle blew and we instantly knew…we were boned in such a special way that not even a fancy dinner could’ve prepared us for. Setagaya had teamwork and unison, we had hangovers and broken dreams. What lacked in experience made up in first hand game experience of what to not to do, as well what to do…like once or twice. The most exciting play was when veteran player Corey steamrolled through the opposition gaining about 10-15 meters which greatly increased the confidence of his fellow Crusaders. This was shortly destroyed when he ran the ball up the middle and became part of the ground by their 6’7″ player. The excitement was over as quickly as a fart. Sadly, we were beaten and bruised, but our hope stayed slightly alive when new Cru member Alex Young kept it strong while he got an amazing (High) tackle. Which is probably why he got MVP of the match, but who knows. I was needing a break from the pitch as i had somehow acquired another knee onto my shin and Owen had suited up to take my spot, but Brent Bolin decided he was more important and twisted his ankle on purpose just to keep me on the pitch. I got my revenge when they decided to let me do the kick off…this sight was one to behold as it barely made it far enough to be legal. In conclusion we had a close game that ended in a 0-69 defeat, if we had played with the golf rules we were told before the game we would’ve won, but Setagaya decided they wanted to change the rules…Seriously, they were a great group of guys and I’m glad we could raise their confidence. Why can’t I sit in the Damned BOAT!!! After we finished the game, we headed over to our favorite Chinese restaurant that we’ve been to like twice. The food and drink was a perfect reward to was away our sorrows, as well as explain to the others why it hurts so good…but also so bad. More pictures to come whenever Crystal decides to send me something… Cheers – Corey P.S. Emmett is a human potato.

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