Shuto League Awards Night

The Cru have a good night.

Sunday evening, the 16th of March was a good night for the Tokyo Crusaders RFC. The function was held in an Izakaya in NishiKasai, and kicked off at 5pm. There was to be much drinking, laughing and fooling about, but the main reason to be there was for the awards. Evan, Tooley, Travis, and Aiko just could not wait to get their hands on the biggest beer mug they’d seen in a long time.

DSC_0811 “Travis with the spoils of war”

The awards were split into two sections, the League Awards, and later, the Committee Awards.
All Jinjan RFC – 2nd Division Champions Olivers RFC – 1st Division, 2nd place. Tokyo Crusaders RFC – 1st Division Champions Toshihiro Miyano, No. 10, Tokyo Gaijin RFC – New Zealand Ambassador’s Cup MVP Satoru Sugitate, No. 9, All Jinjan RFC – 2nd Division MVP Travis Dixon, No. 10, Tokyo Crusaders RFC – 1st Division MVP

DSC_0832“Travis receiving his Shuto League 1st Div. MVP Award”

After more beers and further merriment the Committee Awards were presented to the ‘6 best’ committee members for their work over the season.
Shinsuke Kaneda, Shinjuku Jack RFC – for his work with the referees Stewart Henwood, Tokyo Crusaders RFC – for his work in securing the HUB sponsorship Kenji Noguchi, Dandelions RFC – for his work in securing grounds Eiichiro Yoshida, Moccos RFC – for his work as League secretary Kosuke Yamamoto, All France RFC – for his work supporting others Akira Yamagen, Tokyo Gaijin RFC – for his work in leading the committee
After the festivities Tooley said, ” I knew we were going to get the Shuto League Champion’s Trophy, but being voted ‘Best Team’ by the other managers came out of the blue and is a tremendous honour. It was a surprise and rather humbling, but I was immensely proud of the Club and our guys…… and of course I’m ‘over the moon’!”

DSC_0838” Tooley receiving his Appreciation For Committee Work Award”

Photographs: DSC_0815 DSC_0803 DSC_0806 DSC_0809 DSC_0813

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