By Frank Saffery

Once again 31 relatively sober Crusaders and their fairer ladies turned up to Hakuba to embark on a 4 day ski-(and drink)-athon. For the first time in a few years the February weather seemed to be slightly on their side as it wasn’t either pouring rain or 12 degrees and pure slush.

However as the weekend progressed sure enough the warm weather took hold and what was a ski and drinking trip turned its head squarely towards a pile of booze sat in the corner. On Saturday the fabled “powder storm” blew into Hakuba and eagerly some of us went to bed early(ish).

However once again our hopes and dreams were broken the following day as we reached the peak of the mountain ready to send it to blow off the hangover… nothing but a wind swept icy, crusty mess. Not even the smallest pockets of the world renowned Japow  were left. Oh well a good time was had all and I’m sure the newly initiated ski-trip goers will be returning. 

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