The New Year has come, which means one thing to every ラガーマン in the Big Mikan: the second half of the season. It’s already been a big year for the Crusaders, so there are a few things to aim for before the season close in July. Champions’ Cup After whitewashing Koryo to take the Shuto League championship, it’s time to step up to the Champions’ Cup. The Cru hope to put on a display worthy of the badge and the champion mantle. Meat Cup March in Japan. Cold; pissing it down; pitches so waterlogged you could drown in them. What better time for a barbecue? Tokyo’s flagship beers-and-burgers-with-some-10s party is set for Akigase once again, and the Cru hope to retain the silverware for another year. With more teams, more beer and probably more torrential rain, it’ll be a day to remember. Tokyo Cup The true ‘second season’ begins in April, and will see the Crusaders back in the first division to cause some damage. Facing an almost identical bracket to their victorious Shuto campaign, the Cru endeavour to do the double for the first time. Tour No season is complete without two or three days of unmitigated carnage, and the long weekend in July should bring the same. Stay tuned for details. Lesser goals include Tooley finally downloading Line; Rob opening a bank account; Gibbo finding that bar; Joe buying a blazer; Tav buying a tie; Ed booking literally anywhere for a social; Reece ceasing his unwarranted self-importance; Gen learning English and, of course, us finding out who ‘Sadeepa’ actually is.

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