by Reece Morgan On November 5th, the Crusaders found themselves with a rare free weekend. Nothing on the cards save for time spent with loved ones, volunteering at homeless shelters, and failing on Tinder, until someone had a realisation – ‘hang on lads, Japan are playing at Chichibunomiya on Saturday. Who’s down to dress like pillocks and get shamelessly drunk?’ Dropping their responsibilities and donning the costumes of their favourite Street Fighter characters, a squadron of the Cru’s most seasoned cretins took to the stadium. Special mention must go to Owen Morris, who was in costume before he’d even arrived, doing some action shots for a magazine while dressed like Akuma. The boys were so convincly dressed that they even made their way into some promotional footage for the upcoming World Cup, giving a hearty ‘come on England!’ when requested to cheer on the Japanese team: 14937405_1489084681120133_3819212176236510838_n Argentina’s sodomy of the Japanese squad passed in a haze of Strong Zero, and before long the boys made the journey to Shibuya. The decision was made to stop at every conbini on the way, which led to the wonderful discovery of a cheap bitter melon. Remembering their training from the Korea Tour, the boys soon began an impromptu training session with the unwieldy fruit. Luckily, the plucky melon made it to the Hub unscathed, surviving repeated headbutts from random members of the public. Unfortunately, Foster – his work clothes ruined by copious amounts of green paint – scared all the women away with his godawful Sakura costume, and the boys made their departure. 14908239_10153726598036706_8247525707454671951_n Hitting the famed 300-yen-bar, the night quickly ramped up, soon claiming its first victim. Needless to say, the troops rallied, and made their way to Roppongi where shots were sunk, chicken nuggets consumed, and Sparrow continued his recent form as a massive liability. The Cru looks forward to celebrating the end of the Shuto League in similar fashion at its upcoming Christmas Bash.

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