Gents, as you know its the MAC Cup on the 23rd of November, I hope you will be staying away from the razor for Movember that month also. So after the MAC Cup and a few beers in the YCAC clubhouse get home and get changed for our TASH BASH! With some help from David and his following we have booked Pachon. It will be a private party, with the entire bistro closed for us! (This is a Michelin Starred restaurant, but the owner likes rugby and knows exactly what we will get up to!) Women, beer and food while sporting a big Tash! Cant get more manly than that! 19:30 – 23:00 4,000 Yen All you can drink plus food. RSVP to the Social Secretary (Frank Saffery)! Crusaders Assemble! TashBash2

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