Good Morning Cru! The 25th season is going to be kicking off on August 24th with a practice session over at Edogawa Undojo. The schedule is now up with games from the 24th all the way to Decemeber! Check the fixtures page! Jonas has also finished the 2013-14 CRU Yearbook, so, click the link, download the PDF, get down to kinkos to print and show it off next time you have the neighbours around for a cuppa. Edit: This is not yet confirmed. We’ll shoot out an email to everyone when we get it confirmed. “For those that want to plan ahead, the MAC CUP is set for November 2nd! So book the time off work, get some brownie points in with the misses, whatever you have to do to be there!” yearbook
Tokyo Crusaders Yearbook 2013-14

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