by Nic Tanner A stormy Saturday night, the always well-behaved and sober members of the Crusaders and a nighttime sail around Tokyo Bay? A recipe for a safe and respectable night and in no way a liability issue. Alas, Japan’s continued reverence to the virus of unknown origin ultimately restricted total passenger numbers, and our would-be sailors remained land-locked to the concrete island of Kanto. Whilst our romantic boat trip wasn’t to be, the most committed alcoholics of the Cru made their way to Shinjuku, noting that the next safest option to drinking by the water is to get 10 lads plastered in Kabukicho. Who dares risk the sirens of the sea, when the sirens of the Shinjuku Hub bellow the most unique and… dulcet of tones. “Irrashaimase” indeed. A meetup was had, meat was consumed and the night can be summed up best by Frank: “Nobody got arrested. Nobody got sold as a sex slave to the Yamaguchi Gumi. Nobody was enticed into a bar for some ‘Beer and tittys’” Solid night – 8.5/10

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