image Players, Members, Friends, Supporters and WAG’s, It is that time of year again where we try to show the Japanese that the 7’s is sod all to do with rugby and is actually a synonym for “All day drinking” or something like that. This year is a little special as its the last Tokyo 7’s as we are getting super rugby and we aren’t allowed to be greedy! So with this in mind I want you to spread the word far and wide, hang banners from balconies, leaflets to the Roppongi massage parlours and bring as many people as we know. (Make sure they have an open mind, this normally plummets into debauchery). If this is the last 7’s here in Tokyo the Crusaders will make sure it goes out with a bang! As you can see the theme is Cops n’ Robbers. Feel free to turn up as either, but put some effort in and like me you may be a TV personality, I can’t remember the exact translation but it went something like. “That foreigner is nearly naked, we know there is sun out but its cold… crazy man”. To RSVP to this event please use the following link ————— TOUR REMINDER ————— Gents, we have had 6 people RSVP for a tour to Shanghai – This needs more people to go ahead and time is now not on our side. If by the end of this month we do not have enough people the tour will be a domestic one in Japan. This decision isn’t easy as Shanghai will be an absolute scream but I understand that not everybody has 100k sat floating in a bank account to be able to come on tour and a domestic one in Japan would cost around 40k which is a bit of a difference. However for now this I am still pushing for Shanghai, pull your fingers out and RSVP on that link if you want to come. ————— HANAMI PARTY (FAMILY FRIENDLY) —————— As Spring is almost here it’s getting close to the cherry blossom picnic event, the old Master and Commander Simmons has once again offered to utilise his linguistic ability to organise a very family friendly picnic. Last year it was under the blossoms in Yasukune shrine and plenty of beer was had but also wives and children came and it was a splendid day. Then after this had finished is when the Cru drinkers hit their usual stride and got thrown out of a “Scottish” bar for the heinous crime of… talking. (We kid you not). There will be more details of this to come as well as an RSVP link but I just wanted to give you all a heads up.

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