Tokyo Crusaders vs. All France RFC 45-21 (W) by Cavan “Paddy” Reilley Before I kick off the report I want to say a big thanks to all the Cru for making this a great half season. I’ve been welcomed in and enjoyed playing some good rugby with you boys, but next week I’ll be off to China for the year. Cheers fellas. It’s been emotional. Fresh off of Division 1 promotion, the boys rocked up looking happy, fresh and keen to keep the winning streak alive (and smash the French). From the off the match looked tight with plenty of rucking and some good defense from both teams. But, in a premonition of things to come the next day at the hands of Italy, the French fell apart and the Cru began to take hold. A superb run from Jordan saw boys in blue on the board. Allez les Cru! However, we still tried to make life difficult with some silly penalties and slow rucking. This irked the newly aerodynamic Travis, who came on like a man possessed throwing (and receiving) elbows as he ran through the defense. Taking one try and setting Sean G. up for another, he made sure the Cru came out of the half with a decent margin. 19-7. The 2nd half started slowly again, All the French, were keen to show that they would bring more than wine and smelly cheese to the second division. However, 2 successive tries from Seth and Sean Whaley after 15 minutes meant that Cru were well and truly in control. Sean W.’s effort deserves special mention for a try – untouchable for 70 metres – which clearly inspired Baltimore Ravens’ Jacoby Jones to his 108-yard touchdown. All France were losing spirit. After a dislocated shoulder from one of the All France boys (ed. – for which we are definitely not responsible), Sean W. ran in another. Travis, clearly remembering all the painful defeats the French have inflicted on his proud nation over the years, was still tearing apart their back line and in his last play of the game kindly donated a try to yours truly (Paddy). Unfortunately, this is where the Cru’s domination ended and a lack of focus and poor discipline allowed AF to get a couple of token tries before the finish. Final score 45 -21. Special mentions to Skurry for some dominant play when he came on and all the new boys representing the Cru. It’s been a pleasure boys, all the best for the future, let me know if you ever come to Chengdu. Player’s Men of the Match: 1st – Sean Whaley 2nd – CJ 3rd – Travis

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