Tokyo Crusaders gather before the first game of the 2012/13 rugby season Tokyo Crusaders vs. Shinjuku Jack 29-31 (L) by Benji Kunde A spectacle like no other was seen on Sunday, Frank the tank’s long gun turret swung from left to right in the locker room dispersing bystanders in fear of their own safety. This scene was almost as traumatising as losing the game-just-played by two points right on the hooter. However, despite the scoreline the game itself was a cracker. How much of a cracker you ask? Well, let’s just say – it would leave you wanting to buy all four of the McDonalds burgers you were given despite only ordering two. Well maybe not that much of a cracker hey Cav (a.k.a: Paddy). Yet those who witnessed the game on Sunday were not disappointed as they were exposed to bullocking running, smooth backline moves, keen rucking, and fine team play. This game had people playing out of their skins as a sense of the importance of getting a positive result gripped all. Some players felt the pressure a little more than others, and it showed in the throbbing veins of their foreheads as their c-word ratio lifted to every second word they screeched. Others found ways to channel the energy like Tom the cluster bomb, with his charge down centre field leaving crippled bodies in his wake as he rampaged on toward the tryline. Trav and Kaj, released energy in the form of some big tackles in the second half. Above and beyond, the whole team lifted, did their bit and showed great heart, but unfortunately the result didn’t go our way. As a consolation though, Tom received the man-of-the-match award and subsequently a confession of love by a certain Shinjuku Jack who was looking to climb onto Tom’s beanstalk. To drown our sorrows and get that image out of our heads we carried on to what will now be our official Tatsumi ground post game watering hole. We were very surprised they agreed to have us back. Yet pleased, as the beers flowed swiftly like Tooley’s golden locks atop his wet head as he ran in the pouring rain, scouring the area in search of an Izakaya that showed promise. And the one found delivered. With beer in hand and food on table – we were happy as Larries. Brendan had the enterprising idea of quantifying this happiness into allotments of five minute drinking rounds. Needless to say, the staff were the only ones who struggled to keep up with the pace. Sean “Iron Bladder” Gibson showed his quantification skills through a bathroom break and ode to tub thumping by pissing the night away, all 1.037 litres of it. Making him the highest scorer of the night. Dedication was shown with as much zeal drinking as that shown earlier on the field. It was fantastic to have such a large contingent of Cru members both for the game and the pub. Thanks needs to be expressed to all the new players and the Giants players who came out for what was a barn-storming day. Now we look forward to next week off and a chance to get down and dirty in double denim. Just when you though Double D’s couldn’t get any more exciting. Player’s Men of the Match: 1st – Tom 2nd – Travis 3rd – Evan / Cavan

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