by Glen Taylor It was a fine, bright Sunday where the Cru would normally schedule a match. However, owing to ‘once in a few years’ duties for the Tokyo Cup, the Cru sent some lads off to assist with match day for the other teams. Big thanks to the ten Crusaders in shining armour who spared their time to help, and maintain our good reputation with the TRFU organisers: Brett, Corey, Ed, Frank, Hiro, Joel, Menno, Owen, Sean, and Hiro’s best mate Mamoru. The crew met at Mitaka station in the early morning – half of them making a detour in search of Tooley’s fabled ‘cut lunch’ – and headed to the stadium for 10am. Hiro served as captain for the day, bridging between the Japanese organisers and our own idiot troupe; Joel as touch judge for both games; Brett, Corey and Hiro were the medical staff, carrying one injured player off by stretcher. The majority of their time was spent watching the other teams. One of two games of the day was in the elite division, Mandara vs. Komaba WMM, the latter of whom gave the Cru a solid whipping earlier in the year. Komaba successfully blew out Mandara 71-0, showing off their well-trained phase plays and strength. The other game, in the first division, was Kochijoji Wild Turkey vs. Koryo. The new-look Korean side, sporting several new faces and led by anew captain, rampaged and smoked Turkey with a 101-3 score, securing their playoff spot. The Cru showed their team effort and hard work at the end of the day by breaking the ground down, dismantling the goal posts and collecting the astro. They then moved onto the traditional conbini beer trip and then back to the station. A few of them went to the pub at Kichijoji, and enjoyed extra drinks and encounters with the natives. ***Calories burned*** Goal post lifting Grass carpet lifting Trailer pushing 50m sprint to catch the bus *** Calories consumed*** Cut lunch(?) Bento Some conbini snacks Post-match beers IMG_6321b IMG_6297 IMG_6289 _1290309 _1290302 _1290282

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