‘We’re never doing this again.’ After last year’s double=header weekend – Fevers on Saturday, and Tokyo Bay on the Sunday – we were adamant that double-header weekends would be a thing of the past. Promises were made to be broken, though, and April brings the return of the Crusaders’ specialty: the ill-thought-out idea. Hanami Saturday, April 1st is our annual hanami. An integral part of Japanese culture, hanami is a time to come together with friends and sit below the sakura, pondering their meaning. Will we truly grasp the beauty of evanescence? Should we view it through the lens of mono no aware, or in a more Heraclitean light? Is Neitzschean heaviness or Kunderan lightness the most soul-arresting terror? More importantly, will we be able to outdrink the Goannas? All are welcome to come and join us in Yoyogi Park from 11. Shuto Trophy Ceremony December’s Shuto League title takeover seems aeons ago, but it’s finally time to celebrate. After hanami has wound down, we’ll make our way to Hobgoblin in Roppongi and install our glorious trophy, along with a nomihoudai. We’ll be kicking off from 7pm. Friendly vs. Matsudo Sunday, April 2nd brings our annual fixture against Matsudo, who are always game for a challenge. Given the promise of more beer after the game, it’d be a terrible idea to miss out. Kick-off will be 1pm at Senshu University Matsudo High School Ground.

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