On Saturday night, the 1st of August, at our low-key (for obvious COVID19 reasons) end-of season-dinner, the team finally took receipt of the Shuto League Trophy from the 2019 Autumn campaign. We were supposed to get it at the annual Shuto League end-of-season dinner in April, but that was delayed several times, and then cancelled, due to the coronavirus outbreak. On the left we have Sean Gibson, our Team Manager, holding a new rugby ball and our gold medals. Next to him, and holding the Shuto League 1st Division trophy, is Brett Pentland-Smith, our Team Captain. Third from the left and holding our first-place certificate is our Club President, Tom Cocks. Last but definitely not least, on the right, we have Hugo Mestre, the team’s fullback who received the Shuto League MVP award for the 2019 Autumn season. If you would like to read the match report of the final game in held in January, here it is:
Champions Once Again: Crusaders vs. All Jin Jan

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