by Aaron Angelo With the collective intelligence of a potato sack, the Crusaders and friends convened at Two Dogs in Roppongi for the annual Christmas Quiz & Bash. As teams joined together and beer was poured, it quickly became apparent the night was going to be a full on exercise of the minds. The team lineup was as follows: – 69 Satanic Thighs – Fritzl’s Basement Boys – 7 Swans of Semen – Nakatomi Cowboys – Epstein’s Asphyxiation Fetish – 2 Young 4 Jeffery Epstein With the teams assembled, the quiz kicked off. The first round was Rugby World Cup 2019 knowledge. Featuring questions about the French elbow, Canada’s existential crises, and Namibia’s spanking, it was a good laugh and mind jog. Led by the Cru Tattooed Dom Sumner, Fritzl’s Basement Boys took the first round comfortably.The second round was personal, as South Africa was the timely and unsightly target. Lead by resident Saffa Brett and his sidekick Reece, 7 Swans of Semen took the round. The third round was a tribute to Japan’s karaoke culture, Misheard Lyrics! Featuring hits from Metallica, Kings of Leon, and Kansas, the Nakatomi Cowboys stepped up and stole the show. The halftime show was one to be remembered, as each table had 2 minutes to claymation the most real (or unreal) “Johnson” possible. Judged by the venue staff, the winner was one of Fritzl’s Basement Boys featured a rod in all white. The following fourth round was a sacred subject for the Cru: Alcohol. Unsurprisingly, team Epstein’s Asphyxiation Fetish took they victory, as the sported a majority group of members. Round five was every holiday goers favorite, festivals.With many curses in French and wild speculation (but luckily minus any elbows), team 69 Satanic Thighs won. The final round was something everyone that evening lacked, general knowledge. It was surprising then as the 7 Swans of Semen came from behind (lol) to win. Nonetheless, it was a fun night overall. As the quiz ended and pizzas were devoured, the lads headed over to the after party at Mogambos Tokyo. What ensued was both remarkable and hilarious in Cru fashion. As one team member trying to convince various women to sport the new Crusaders water tattoos, another was attempting to judo flip his guest over a table one handed. As both proved unsuccessful in their endeavors, the night rode on till closing time. From our rugby family to yours, Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays and we’ll see you next time!

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